Power Session


Intensive 3 Hour Power Session

Are you needing motivation and help in moving past the mind fog, stuck-ness and self-limiting beliefs?

If so, THIS is for YOU. This intensive private workshop will get you up and moving in the right direction, NOW! I have learned in my work and in my own life is that sometimes you literally need a personal check-in, break, breather, a power session!

Intention is EVERYTHING

This awesome opportunity is an amazing action packed experience…

What you will get, gain and receive:

  • 3 hour one – one private Soul Session! We will meet in person or virtually to uncover all of the beautiful pieces that make you, YOU!
  • Before your session I will send you some groundwork for you to dig into and complete 3 days before our session. This groundwork is essentially, homework… But, deep soul excavating work bringing your deepest desires to the surface. This work will include journaling questions and worksheets for you to gain crystal clear clarity on what is and what is not jiving in your life.
  • A week of email support after our session, this is a big piece! A week of added guidance and feedback after our session.
  • A crystal clear action plan to move forward and make your desires a true reality.

Your Investment: Only $425

Are ready to commit to yourself and invest in your journey? If you said, YES - contact me for a free 20 minute connection call to learn more and see if this offering is for you.