Soul-Cation 30 day virtual intensive


30 days of deep-intensive soul digging work!

I am proud to announce to the launch of Soul-Archeology. I am offering this mini-course as a part of my business re-branding launch to give you a taste of what it is like to directly work with me in my program, and to experience my process.

Soul-Cation is a 30 day virtual group course in reality, clarity, intention and awareness. You can expect to experience a shape shifting, action packed, life changing 30 days of deep intentional soul work.

How are you showing up for yourself each and every day???

  • Do you need a kick in the butt, someone to help guide you through and out of the funk you are currently in?
  • Do you need accountability, structure, love and support while you establish better boundaries for yourself and those around you?
  • How about your time and energy management? Do you have that in check?
  • Are you ready to stop with the excuses and old boring stories that you tell yourself, how you can’t do this or that?

Soul-Cation is for you if you are ready to fully commit to yourself and your well-being with a solid plan that you have designed that puts you at the top of the priority list each and every day. This is exactly the work you need to go through once you are ready and willing to do the inner and outer work needed to achieve contentment, peace and balance.  

I used to live my life in the treading water kind of way until one day I got really sick of it and I made a conscious decision and choice to change pretty much everything about my life.

I used to be sad, addicted and numb. I used to never put myself first and I settled for any scraps that anyone would give me. Then I realized if I don’t stop living how I am and begin living my life to the fullest I would be stuck in this sad, numb, depressed space – FOREVER… Nope, not an option!

That is when I began the journey back to myself and I began FEELING again. I became happy, attracted positive-loving people into my life and made myself a priority. I listened to and trusted my inner wisdom, joined different groups to get the support and help I needed to heal, started exercising daily and became aware of what I was fueling my body with. I could go on and on but I think you catch my drift.

Are you ready to begin living from a place of your highest good? If so, this offering is for you.

What you will receive from being part of this group:

  • Private Facebook group full of 24/7 support, encouragement and connections!
  • Active daily feedback and guidance from Nicole and the rest of the group.
  • Weekly questions and daily journaling prompts to guide you into the clarity you are seeking.
  • Weekly Focus Forms to help you see clearly what it is you need to work on, and get feedback from Nicole and the women in the group.
  • A live group 60 minute conference call the last week of Soul-Cation. This call will be a space for you to bring your questions to Nicole for further guidance on the clarity you are seeking, as well as hear all of your friend’s voices that you have made over the past 30 days. It’s called a connection call because this work is all about connection - to yourself, Spirit and others!

Investment into yourself, your well-being and future: $149