Setting Up Camp


Setting up Camp is a 7-month intensive, soul-filled program that will allow you to dig deep within yourself. This journey, or what I like to call a “soul-cation,” will take you beyond the beautiful exterior of yourself and dive deep into the depths of your amazing, magical soul.

This program is for you if you are ready for:

  • Implementing lasting life changes and gaining the tools to take you to the next level.
  • Taking off the mask and live from your soul center. Be yourself, show off!
  • Win the battle that goes on inside, silence the negative self-talk once and for all.
  • The work. Doing the hands-on, deep, intentional soul work that only YOU can do!
  • Silencing your mind and listening to and following your heart, soul, and inner wisdom.
  • Digging deep and committing to yourself, your truth, your intuition.
  • Falling in love with YOU - your mind, body, soul and spirit. All of it, your entire being.
  • Begin living with a full heart in complete alignment and clarity!

This program is about diving deep inside of yourself, committing to the work/process, and looking at all of the facets that you are made of.

It’s about seeing, acknowledging and owning all of the pieces of you, making shifts where needed, and knowing that anything is possible with hard, committed, intentional work and a kick-ass plan of how to live each of your 24-hours EVERY day. This program is all about having a clear plan that YOU have created to live a fulfilled, happy, complete, and aligned life.

Setting up Camp is just that. You will begin a 7-month soul-cation for you to really dig in and do the work. This a complete action plan. No more being stuck, complacent, treading water or not following through on your plans, hopes, and dreams. This is it! No plan B. You are ready to push the reset button and move full steam ahead.

  • Are you ready to do the deep life changing soul-work? It isn’t always easy, but you know that it needs to be done and now is the time?
  • Are you ready to begin breaking down those walls that have been holding you captive for way too long?
  • Are you ready to pull up the anchor that has kept you paralyzed and in the same place over and over?

If so, this is the place to be. This virtual group is going to be full of amazing women just like you that need a loving, empowering push in the right direction.

  • Crystal clear clarity and intentions that come from your heart center.
  • A life structure and plan that puts you first.
  • Awareness of how and where you are spending your time and energy daily, taking back your personal power that will lead you to deeper contentment and peace.
  • A space of living, thriving and growing - not just surviving.
  • You will go deep (I mean super deep) with what is and what is not working in your life. This is bedrock level soul work, the kind that changes it all, forever!
  • Alignment, truth and a way of living that you love!

I will guide you on a journey of self-love and discovery to reach all areas of yourself, some that you haven’t visited for a long time, or maybe ever! You will be processing by journaling, taking part in group work and personal worksheets, and answering weekly questions and inspirations. During each month of this process, the group will have a topic call and a separate Q&A call to keep you closely connected and in-tune with yourself and the entire program. It will also include 2-hours a month of live group calls, along with an amazing life changing interactive private Facebook community created just for this program.

What will you take away from this process?

  • What you desire most from, in and out of your life. You will see it, feel it, reach for it and know that it is a possibility.
  • A self-care plan and quiet time for yourself daily. You will implement daily ritual, meditation and connection to Spirit.
  • Action and movement. Go get it; leap, jump. Know that you are worth it and you can do it!
  • Gratitude each and every day for whom you are, where you are, and all that surrounds you.
  • A solid plan to move forward and a bag full of life tools, love, and possibilities.

My commitment to you…

  • I will show up 110% ready for you! This is my passion and love, empowering women to see and feel their own brilliance and magic. By signing up for this program, you will receive:
  • Ten 60 minute, live group calls filled with amazing content. Every three weeks the group will have a group call - a topic call and a separate Q&A call. These will be spaced out so that there will be two weeks in between each call. (value $1250)
  • Private Facebook community of supportive women, offering 24/7 support! This will be a safe place for you to connect, share and process together with other women in the group. I will be super present in this group. This is where the magic will be happening and presented to you. This circle of Sisterhood is invaluable and powerful. (24/7 support = Immeasurable)
  • Interactive daily feedback, support, and LOVE from Nicole and the group.
  • Weekly focus forms to keep you accountable and focused on your work within the program. Nicole (and the group!) will be giving you weekly feedback, encouragement, suggestions and love on your form. (Accountability, Structure, Love and Support = INVALUABLE)
  • Weekly assignments and worksheets. I have developed some pretty insightful worksheets to help you dig deep and gain clarity in the process of self-discovery and love.
  • Two day in person retreat! At the end of the seven months, we will be celebrating together in style. Come to Michigan for this amazing two days of Sisterhood, Circle and Connection. (value $500)
  • Once you have committed, signed up, and made your deposit I will be sending you a Soul Package! This is full of goodies and tools for you to begin the process of Setting up Camp. (value over $100)

By signing up for Setting up Camp, you are making the investment into yourself for seven life changing, magical months.

You have three options to choose from when choosing this program:

OPTION 1: The group program, work, and group calls (no private one – one calls) - $1,997

OPTION 2: The above plus, 7 private one – one calls with Nicole - $2,872

OPTION 3: All of the above plus, 10 private oneone calls with Nicole - $3,247

A $500 deposit is required to hold your space. Seven and nine month payment plans are available!

If you know that you need this work, PLEASE reach out to me. Together we will make it happen!

Early-Bird sign up!!!

Sign up by July 15th with your $500 deposit and receive a Super Special Soul gift from Nicole. Program begins September 12, 2016 and runs through March 17, 2017. The 2-day Retreat will be March 17th and 18th.